Learn cursive penmanship

Cursive penmanship is a style of handwriting in which the letters are joined together in a flowing and continuous manner. This style of writing is often referred to as running handwriting or script, and it is taught in many schools around the world. While the popularity of cursive penmanship has varied over time, it remains an important skill for many people, particularly in formal settings like business or government.

In cursive penmanship, the letters are connected by a series of loops, arcs, and lines. This style of writing can be faster and more efficient than printing, and it allows for a greater sense of fluidity and expression in written communication. Some experts also argue that cursive penmanship can improve fine motor skills and boost brain development.

Despite its benefits, the popularity of cursive penmanship has waned in recent years due to the rise of digital communication and the increasing use of typing and texting. However, many still see the value in learning and practicing cursive handwriting, and it remains an important part of many educational curriculums.

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