The skill of gentlemen

February 24, 2017

Penmanship: the upper-class ‘forgotten’ skill
Handwriting, in the digital age, is an art that is under some pressure. It nevertheless is a skill that is of utmost importance, even now – when everyone around us has a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone at hand. Handwriting brings a unique skillset to the table, that only men – and women – with class know how to appreciate.

Early days
Ever since the dawn of handwriting, it has been a skill that was passed from man to man, especially in the upper-class regions of society. Good penmanship was something to be envied, something to be admired – good penmanship was a token of wealth and success. The art, as you might call it, was something that was attributed to those of high status. Women loved men who were skilled in the art of handwriting – and they still do.

Modern penmanship
With the arrival of the modern day keyboard, penmanship has been receiving some flack with regard to its inherit value. Nevertheless it is the case that, especially in this modern time and day, good penmanship offers a classiness that cannot be matched by the use of a computer. Important documents are still signed by pen – and not just approved digitally. Real decision makers hence still have to utilize the skill of handwriting on a day-to-day basis. It is this inherit value of penmanship that is making it a skill that is catching on, especially in the digital age.

Eager to learn
The most important aspect of learning how to become skilled in the art of handwriting is that it brings a set of additional skills to the table. One that might indulge in improving his or her penmanship has a keen eye for detail, has discipline, that the person in question is one with a passion for accuracy. This all makes that penmanship – whether modern tools look like they are replacing the art – is more alive then ever in present day.