Learn spencerian penmanship

Spencerian penmanship, originating in the mid-19th century and devised by Platt Rogers Spencer, embodies a flowing and graceful script celebrated for its elegant, ornate flourishes. Widely embraced during the Victorian era, this style found applications in both personal and business correspondence, becoming an essential skill for aspiring professionals, as it was extensively taught in schools.

This style was influenced by the surge in interest in calligraphy and decorative arts during the 19th century. Spencer introduced a structured system, emphasizing proportion, balance, and grace in writing. He supplemented this with a series of workbooks containing exercises and practice sheets to facilitate the learning of Spencerian script.

Today, the enduring beauty and elegance of Spencerian penmanship continue to captivate enthusiasts and calligraphers. While the digital age has reduced the demand for handwriting, Spencerian penmanship endures as a testament to the enduring artistry and craftsmanship of the written word.