Handwriting for children

February 24, 2017

Although we live in an age where the words can be simply typed in any font we want, our children, however should be taught the habit of how to write from a tender age or otherwise your child will suffer from arrested handwriting development which means that your child shall not be able to write properly. Handwriting is still used as the medium to teach kids in school and studies show that poor handwriting leads to poor literacy and thus a poor academic score. Developing a proper handwriting is essential for creative and critical analysis. A bad handwriting develops from sloppiness and bad habits and leads to deficiencies in life. A good handwriting brings about fluency, conviction and an emphasis on quality which not only reflects on paper but also in the thought process of your child. Hence it is important to make writing a habit from the beginning.

One should teach them to start from the top and then go below and to work from left to right. With the help of pressure point pencils your child will learn how to grip the pencil properly. Once you make the habit of good handwriting it will automatically show in your child’s work and soon you will find your child being able to write conveniently and beautifully.

In the beginning it may seem tough on your child, but with time those round plain letters will soon become compact words and sentences. Writing will help the overall development of your child. Developing a good handwriting is a good habit to learn, as it will help your child forever.

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